Delta Queen To Make "Farewell" Stop In Louisville

The Delta Queen steamboat will make what could be its final voyage to Louisville later this month.

The vessel has competed against the Belle of Louisville in the Kentucky Derby Festival’s Great Steamboat Race each spring since 1963.

However, Belle CEO Linda Harris says the Queen will likely have to dock after October 31 when its federal safety exemption expires.

“Congress has convened and has chosen not to vote on it. It doesn’t mean it won’t be brought up again in future years, but for right now she does not have an exemption,” Harris said.

Harris says the Delta Queen will stop in Louisville October 24 for a New Orleans-style farewell party.

The 80 year old paddlewheeler has routinely been able to secure a congressional exemption to a 40 year old fire safety law, but the matter has been stalled in a House committee this year.