Studio 619 for September 14, 2008

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Justice Venters

Formal investiture ceremonies for the newest justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court were held Monday at the State Capitol. Among those witnessing the event was Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh.

Neighborhood Leaders

Now in its 22nd year, the Neighborhood Institute has been cultivating civic leaders throughout Louisville. It’s newest class of recruits starts a twelve-week course of training later this week. Rick Howlett spoke with program director Michael McCoy about the program, and how it’s changed the landscape of Louisville’s neighborhoods.

Louisville Forum – Energy Solutions

The Louisville Forum last week focused on an issue that has permeated the Presidential race and discussions on the economy: energy. Specifically, the role of corn in the future of America’s energy. Here’s a portion of the presentation at last week’s Louisville Forum.

A.J. Jacobs

Most of us know the big ten, you know, the 10 Commandments in the Old Testament, but did you know the Bible is chock-full of others rules for living from not wearing linen/wool blend clothing to blowing a trumpet at the start of each month? Well, author A.J. Jacobs thought he was ready for a challenge so he decided to follow the Bible as literally as possible for one year.

The result is his latest book The Year of Living Biblically. Join WFPL’s Robin Fisher as she talks with Jacobs about the challenges, joys, and hilarity of his quest.