Arts Kentucky Holds Workshop on Arts Advocacy

An arts advocacy group is having a workshop tomorrow at The Speed Art Museum to show people working in and interested in the arts how to work with civic leaders. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more.

Arts Kentucky is a statewide coalition of arts groups and artists that is holding these workshops throughout the state.

Cecelia Wooden of Arts Kentucky has been leading similar workshops throughout the state and will help lead tomorrow’s event.

“The purpose is really to help board members, volunteers or professional members of arts organizations and arts advocates in general literally learn how to talk to legislators and local leaders,” Wooden says.

Woodens says people who want leaders to support the arts through policies and funding need to do more than present legislators with quantitative data and heartfelt stories that illustrate the value of arts in communities and schools.

“Legislators are concerned about their political health,” Wooden says. “They want to understand is there a powerful constituency that backs the issues related to the arts.”

Wooden says participants in recent workshops have voiced concerns about the Kentucky Arts Council’s budget, which has decreased in recent years, and the role of arts education throughout the state.

Wooden says the arts are an economic driver in many communities and provide over 22,000 jobs throughout the commonwealth.