"Energizing Kentucky" Returns To Louisville

The second of three conferences called “Energizing Kentucky’ will be held in Louisville on Thursday and Friday.

The first conference was held in Louisville in June. It focused on how businesses can help develop sustainable energy. This week’s event will focus on governmental energy policy. The third conference, to be held in April, will deal with energy and education.

The Energizing Kentucky project is a joint effort involving Centre College, Berea College, the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville. Conference coordinator Milton Reigelman says collaboration is the key to creating a progressive energy plan.

“What we thought we could do, that is the four institutions, is to kind of raise the consciousness by having business leaders, government leaders, education leaders sit down together over a two year period and find out what everyone else is doing,” says Reigelman.

Among the speakers as this week’s conference will be Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear.