Every1Reads Misses Volunteer, Reading Goals

Four years ago, civic and education leaders in Louisville set a series of goals for a reading program called Every1Reads.

Greater Louisville, Inc joined with Louisville Metro Government and Jefferson County Public Schools to raise eight-million dollars and enlist ten-thousand volunteers with the ultimate goal of having all JCPS students reading at or above grade-level by 2008.

They succeeded in raising the money, but missed their volunteer goal by four-hundred, and only cut the number of students reading below grade-level by half.

“We’re moving in the right direction, we’re going to need a couple more years and that’s okay, because we’ve got the time, we’ve got the energy, we’ve got the money, and most importantly, we’ve got the volunteers to see it through,” says Mayor Jerry Abramson.

Eight-point-five percent of JCPS students are currently reading below grade level.