Paranoid Americans & the Culture of Fear

Monday, August 25, 2008
Paranoid Americans & the Culture of Fear
Bird Flu, terrorism, gangs, super bugs, kidnappers, are these all things of which we should be afraid, or are they just sensationlized news stories? It seems Americans are more afraid, of more things, than ever before. But why? We have a high standard of living, by and large our communities are safe, we have relatively good health habits – and yet many of us live in gated communities, are afraid of the slightest cold and won’t let our children play outside. How did we get so afraid? And are we afraid of the wrong things and overlooking the things that will matter in the end? So throw back the covers
and join us on Monday as we discuss what Americans fear and why. This is an archive show, so we won’t be taking calls this hour.

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