Obama To Visit Indiana

For the first time since the state’s May 6th primary, Barack Obama will visit Indiana Wednesday.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee will be joined by U.S. Senator Evan Bayh, former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn and a cadre of health and security experts. The group will hold an invitation-only summit on national security at Purdue University.

Senator Bayh supported Hillary Clinton during her quest for the nomination. Obama’s state communications director Jonathan Swain says not only does Bayh now endorse Obama, there are rumblings that the Indiana senator could be a potential running mate.

“That’s certainly something that, obviously, there’s a lot of speculation on but it’s not something that I could really speak to.” says Swain. “It’s not a discussion that I’m involved in at the campaign level.”

Swain says Indiana was chosen to host the summit because of Obama’s work with Senators Bayh and Richard Lugar on national security.