Kentucky Cell Phone Ban Unlikely For Now

Laws have gone into effect this week in California and Washington state that require drivers to use hands-free technology when talking on cell phones.

A Kentucky lawmaker has been trying for years to get a similar law passed by the
General Assembly.

State Representative Tom Burch of Louisville has introduced such legislation in every regular session of the General Assembly since 2004 but it has failed to pass.

Burch says he’s not giving up.

“We just passed the booster seat after 5 times trying to pass it in the House and Senate and they finally passed that,” he says. “Sometimes these bills take a long time, but as long as I stay there it’s going to be in front of them.”

In the last regular legislative session, Burch’s bill got stuck in committee. Five states and Washington DC have banned the use of cellular handsets while driving, and more than 15 other states restrict their use.