International Competition Set For One-Armed Golfers

The Ryder Cup won’t be the only international golf competition played in the Louisville area this September.The first-ever Humana Fightmaster Cup, featuring the best one-armed golfers from North America and Europe, will be played in Shelby County. It’s named for Louisvillian Don Fightmaster, who taught himself to play golf after losing an arm in 1954 automobile accident.   

Fightmaster, who will captain the North Americanamerica13.jpgn team, says the competition will follow the Ryder Cup format.

“We’re going to have the same amount of members, we’ll have twelve from the North American team and the European team, and we’ll have the same matches as the Ryder Cup,” he said.

The Humana Fightmaster Cup matches will be played September 12-14 at the Cardinal Club in Simpsonville.

The Ryder Cup begins September 16 at Valhalla Golf Club in Eastern Jefferson County.