Bush Legacy Bus Visits Louisville

The Bush Legacy Bus In LouisvilleA traveling protest aimed at George W. Bush and Republican leaders made a stop in downtown Louisville Thursday.

The bus is sponsored by a group called Americans United for Change and focuses mostly on the President’s policies regarding health care, the environment and the war in Iraq.

The bus stopped outside the Louisville office of Republican U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell Thursday, where it was met by McConnell’s Democratic challenger in the November election, Bruce Lunsford.

He called on voters to deny McConnell a fifth term in office.

“I think most people, in the end, if you ask them ‘Were you better off before the last six years or better off now?’ I think that you’re going to find that 80% plus of the people are going to say they’re worse off now,” said Lunsford.

McConnell’s office had no immediate comment on the bus tour.