Metrosafe Nears Completion, Seeks Funding

Metrosafe TowerAn advanced radio communication network is the final step in completing Louisville’s Metrosafe project, but not all the money for the network has been secured.

The radio network will connect all of Louisville’s emergency services and will be compatible with other cities’ communications systems.

The network relies on twelve towers and hundreds of radios. The city plans to purchase the radios with a $16 million dollar bond issue and a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.   Both of those funding items are awaiting final approval.Metrosafe Radios

Metrosafe Executive Director Doug Hamilton says the money is critical for the system to function properly.

“If we did not get funding, actually, you all would have a field day,” says Hamilton. “Because we would have a fully funded, $23 million infrastructure that runs on nothing.”

Mayor Jerry Abramson says he’s confident the Metro Council will approve the $16 million bond issue he’s included in his proposed budget.