Abramson: Let Kentuckians Decide Casino Question

The mayor of Louisville says Kentucky lawmakers should allow voters to decide if casino gambling should be legalized in the Commonwealth.

Mayor Jerry Abramson says the issue has been debated for some 20 years now and should be put on the ballot in the form of a constitutional amendment.

Speaking on WFPL’s State of Affairs program Wednesday, Abramson said many Louisville-area residents are already going across the river to gamble in southern Indiana casinos, and he suspects they would support a facility on this side of the Ohio.

“Now whether it’s at the track, whether it’s downtown, what percentage of the dollars generated would go to education, how much would the city get, in terms of what we would have to provide with security and those kinds of things. All that can be negotiated out,” he said.

Casino gambling legislation has languished in Frankfort after winning approval from a House committee last month.