After the Weight Loss

Thursday, March 20, 2008
After the Weight Loss
afterweightloss1.jpg Maybe you once thought that if you could only lose enough weight, you’d be happy. You might be surprised to know that adjusting after dramatic weight loss can be as problematic as being overweight. People report that losing a lot of weight changes the dynamic of their personal relationships, brings them romantic attention they might not know how to deal with, and can even affect their relationship with their spouse. If you’ve been through this, you may still feel like an overweight person on the inside, you no longer fit in your familiar role as “the fat friend,” and you might not even know how to meet the nutritional and exercise needs of your new body. Join us this Thursday when we talk about the changes that come with dramatic weight loss, and how to ease the transition.

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Guests: Bryant Stamford, Exercise Physiologist; Michele Hines, MD, Bariatric Psychiatrist

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