Studio 619 for January 7, 2007

Atlas Brown

A new arena, Ohio River bridges, upgrades to the Museum Plaza project, and the futures of the two Ford Motor Company plants in Louisville all will have major impacts on the city’s economy in the coming year. WFPL’s Stan Cook spoke with Shawn Ridley, the CEO of Atlas Brown, about economic changes during 2006 and what we can expect in 2007. Atlas Brown is a Louisville investment Advisory firm.

Teaching Peace

Of the more than fifty homicides that have occurred in Louisville this year, nearly 20 of them have involved a victim under the age of 21. Several Louisville-area organizations are putting some ideas to work in an effort to stop youth violence, especially among African-Americans. In the first of a two-part series, called “Teaching Peace,” WFPL’s Stephanie Sanders reports.


They say curiosity killed the cat, but it’s the cat’s curiosity that can kill your computer. With a combination of shortcut keys and bad luck, a cat strolling across your computer keyboard can do major damage to your hard drive or erase important files. It was after his sister’s cat wreaked havoc on the PC that Chris Niswander invented PawSense, a software that can detect cat-like typing and block input from the keyboard before any harm is done. The can also play an annoying sound, to help encourage kitty to get down. This week the inventor talks to WFPL’s Laura Ellis about how the software works.

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