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The students from the Yale School of Architecture who visited Louisville in February have unveiled their designs for a distillery downtown.

The students studied the region on their visit, with a specific focus on Louisville’s downtown and the bourbon industry. Their task was to each design a distillery that could stand near First and Main streets, across from the Whiskey Row buildings.

Bringing the traditionally rural practice of distilling bourbon to an urban environment was only one challenge the students faced. During their visit, professor and architect Deborah Berke told WFPL “I think they’ll be torn from wanting to make something that’s very modern that reflects distilling technology and the 20th century environment they want to be a part of and responding to the historic context.”

The designs also had to follow building codes and laws and balance the infrastructure realities of the city with designs that could bring large trucks, pollution and other side effects of manufacturing downtown. [click to continue…]

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Yale Students’ Designs Balance History, Modernism, Environment and Industry

by Gabe Bullard February 3, 2012

In Louisville, Whiskey Row now refers to a single strip of buildings. But 100 years ago, Whiskey Row took up most of Main Street. Most companies distilled bourbon in rural areas, but they took up block after block in downtown Louisville with business offices and storage. Prohibition wiped many of them out. Later in the century, suburbanization […]

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Yale Students Arrive in Louisville to Design Urban Distillery

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A group of Yale architecture students is in Louisville this week to plan and design an urban distillery. The visit is part of Yale’s advanced design studios program, in which classes visit various locations around the world and plan relevant architecture. Another class this year will visit Europe and design an opera house. The Louisville […]

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Yale Students to Plan Urban Distillery in Louisville

by Gabe Bullard January 24, 2012

A group of students from the Yale School of Architecture will visit Louisville this year to design an urban distillery downtown, though the project won’t necessarily result in the distillery being built. The visit is part of Yale’s advanced design studios program. In addition to Kentucky, students in other studios will visit Venice, Denmark, Finland, Los […]

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WFPL News: Today on Here and Now

by Todd Mundt April 25, 2011

Here’s what we have planned for Here and Now at 1pm: it’s turned out to be a pretty nice day, but there’s more rain on the way and the water is rising, flooding the riverfront and jeopardizing Waterfront Wednesday and some Derby events. MSD held a news conference a couple hours ago. We’ll get an […]

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