Report Shows Issues Affecting Louisville Metro Women

Louisville’s Women 4 Women organization has released its most recent report on trends affecting women in the area, showing Louisville still trails many peer cities in one critical area. The 20-year-old organization released its Study of Louisville Women and Girls report Thursday, following up to a similar study from 2000 that looked at health, education,… Continue reading Report Shows Issues Affecting Louisville Metro Women

The Female Vision at Work

Men and Women – the argument has raged for eons over whether or not men and women think alike. The latest consensus seems to be “no”. So, if we go with that premise, what does that mean for the workplace where women are now omnipresent in most business and all the way up the corporate ladder? Join us on Thursday when we hear more about the female vision in the workplace.  Listen to the Show

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Black Women's History

They say history is written by the victors. It should be no surprise then that African-American women’s stories have gone untold for so long, and their achievements have gone unrecognized. Facing the double-edged sword of racial and sexual discrimination, they often found themselves kept on the sidelines of both the women’s liberation and the civil rights movements. Listen to the Show

Women Candidates Stir Some Indiana Voters

Voting in Southern Indiana’s Floyd County has been heavier than previous elections. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer reports. Precinct inspectors around the county of this battleground state say people stood in long lines ready to vote at 6 a.m. There also were people outside campaigning for candidates. That includes Marietta Willman, who is spending the day outside… Continue reading Women Candidates Stir Some Indiana Voters

Do Women Playwrights Get their Due in Louisville?

A group of women playwrights is calling tonight’s event a “town hall” meeting. But the town they are in is huge. Tonight, they are meeting at the New York home of New Dramatists, the non-profit center that provides resources to help develop new playwrights. Their reason is a complaint: that New York’s leading Off Broadway… Continue reading Do Women Playwrights Get their Due in Louisville?