High Winds Leave Thousands In The Dark

Just days after utility crews restored service to hundreds of thousands of people left in the dark by the ice storm, wind gusts and thunderstorms have struck the region, causing more outages. As of 9:00pm Wednesday, some 37,000 LG and E customers were without electricity and 44,000 Kentucky Utilities customers had no service. Duke Energy reported […]

Councilman Says Debris Clean-Up Taking Too Long

Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson says it’s taking too long for Public Works crews to clean up debris from the September windstorm. The councilman wants the city to hire contractors to speed up the process, despite a tight city budget. Once all the trees that were blocking roads were cleaned up, the Public Works Department […]

LG&E Says Power Restored to Everyone

LG&E says power has been restored to all its customers who lost electricity in September 14th windstorm. The company returned to normal operations today, but spokesperson Chip Keeling says crews continue clean-up work. “This will be work with customers that have their own masthead damage, the pole that’s on the side of their house, that […]

PSC To Review Utilities' Response, LG&E To Pass On Storm Costs

The Kentucky Public Service Commission will conduct a review of the way Louisville Gas and Electric and other utility companies handled recovery of the largest power outage in state history. Statewide, more than half a million people were left without electricity following the September 14 windstorm. PSC spokesperson Andrew Melnykovych says it’s basic procedure to […]

Windstorm Leaves Widespread Damage, Outages

Louisville Gas and Electric Company crews continue working to restore power to the more than 200,000 customers left without service following Sunday’s windstorm. Wind gusts in excess of 70 miles per hour brought down numerous trees and tree limbs across the region, and hundreds of power lines. LG and E Vice-President Chris Herman says it […]