State of the News

Financial reform is about to become a reality, so we’ll check in with David Weidner of MarketWatch to get some understanding of what it will mean for the rest of us. But before we get to the financial news, we’ll take some time and talk about the new member of Metro Council, landmark status for Whiskey Row, and other news happenings in our area. Join us on Friday for this week’s State of the News.  Listen to the Show

Blue-Owned Buildings Granted Landmark Status

By Rick Howlett A stretch of historic buildings on Louisville’s West Main Street long known as Whiskey Row have been granted local landmark status. The structures, some of which date back to the late 19th century, have been the focus of a battle between preservationists and developer Todd Blue, who says they’re unsafe and wants… Continue reading Blue-Owned Buildings Granted Landmark Status

Landmarks Commission To Consider Whiskey Row Request

The buildings near and Main Streets were once home to distillers and other whiskey-related businesses, but have been decaying for decades. They were purchased by developer Todd Blue in 2006. Blue recently filed a request to demolish the row to make room for a new development, prompting several preservation groups to file to have the buildings declared landmarks.

Iron Quarter Battle Hampers Nearby Businesses

by Stephanie Crosby Two business owners who have poured millions of dollars into new developments near the new arena say the ongoing battle over the Iron Quarter is hampering their business. Tom O’Shea and Bill Whelen spoke today at the Louisville Forum. Tom O’Shea is the owner of several bars and restaurants in Louisville, including… Continue reading Iron Quarter Battle Hampers Nearby Businesses