89.3 WFPL News Transmitter Maintenance Tonight 10pm-12am

A few weeks ago, we suffered the failure of a key component of our transmitter, which took WFPL News off the air for several hours while our engineer worked to fix the problem. (The online stream was not affected.) The equipment is back from the manufacturer, and we’ll need to go off the air for… Continue reading 89.3 WFPL News Transmitter Maintenance Tonight 10pm-12am

Update: Waterfront Wednesday Shortened

WFPL’s sister station, WFPK, has announced that tonight’s Waterfront Wednesday will begin early at 5:45, and sets will be shortened to ensure that the concert finished by 8:30 PM. The city has mandated that the concert end by 8:30 PM. Last month’s Waterfront Wednesday was cancelled due to flooding and severe weather. “Waterfront Wednesday is… Continue reading Update: Waterfront Wednesday Shortened

Tecumseh, Native America and the other American Dream

Tecumseh, for many of us it’s a name that conjures up images of wide prairies, long headdress, old Westerns on a Saturday afternoon. But Tecumseh was a man with a vision, and his vision was a united Native American nation. Along with his brother, Tenskwatawa “the Prophet”, Tecumseh managed to form a confederacy of several tribes and fought passionately for their beliefs.

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Founders: The People Who Brought You a Nation

You can’t spend a dollar without seeing his portrait or wave a flag without knowing what they stood for. George Washington and the Founding Fathers are the most famous men of American history, but what about the unsung heroes of the American Revolution? In his new book “Founders: The People Who Brought You a Nation,” Ray Raphael addresses the roles lesser known figures played in the development of our country.

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State of Affairs is on the move!

Beginning on Monday, February 2nd, State of Affairs is moving to 1:00 pm daily (with the repeat staying at 9:00 pm nightly). Why you ask? Well, change is a constant in the radio business (just like in other fields). In December NPR announced the cancellation of the daily shows News and Notes and Day to… Continue reading State of Affairs is on the move!

The Role of Dissent in Islam and America

It’s funny, dissent; there are times when expressing disagreement with our leaders seems very patriot or noble, and yet there are other times when it is seen as disloyal and subversive. And the more fundamental a society becomes, the less dissent is tolerated, but the more it seems to be needed. And lest we think this just happens in Islamic countries, let’s take a good look at America’s tolerance for dissent in the past couple of years.

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