Tea Party President Challenges Meeks in Democratic Primary

Louisville Tea Party President and founder Wendy Caswell is set to challenge state Rep. Reginald Meeks, D-Louisville, in the May primary. Though the Tea Party is known to have had conservative views on fiscal and social issues, the 27-year-old waitress has been a registered Democrat her entire life and political observers are eager to see […]

Tea Party Celebrates Moffett’s Showing

Even though Tea Party-backed gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett lost the Republican primary, his supporters are celebrating. Moffett was a political novice with little name recognition, and he lacked the fundraising power of the primary winner, state Senate President David Williams. But Moffett beat Williams in the state’s two most populous counties and finished about ten […]

Louisville Tea Party Set For Wednesday

Louisville will be among the hundreds of cities where protesters will hold a modern day version of the Boston Tea Party this week. The local event is being organized by 24 year old Wendy Caswell, who says she unhappy with federal government bailouts and the growing national debt. “I’ve just recently started watching politics in general in […]