NYT’s Mark Bittman on Wendell Berry, Land and Food

New York Times columnist Mark Bittman came to Kentucky last month for what he describes as a sort of reporting trip/pilgrimage to poet-farmer Wendell Berry’s Port Royal home. Berry has been in the national news this week after delivering the 41st Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities Monday in Washington, D.C. In the article, Bittman describes […]

Wendell Berry Stresses Relationship With the Land in National Lecture

Kentucky poet and farmer Wendell Berry used a national address this week to remind Americans of their connection to the land. As the country’s 41st Jefferson Lecturer in the Humanities, he spoke to an audience in D.C. about corporate greed and called on Americans to return to the land. Berry’s address “It All Turns on […]

Wendell Berry Writes and Fights For The Land, Not The Environment

“There’s something ageless about Wendell Berry” – Garrison Keillor It’s a rainy spring afternoon on Wendell Berry’s hillside farm in Henry County, northeast of Louisville. He’s taking a break, sitting at his kitchen table, talking about what it was like to get a medal from The President. “It was extraordinary. It was an experience totally […]

Mining Protesters To Spend Night At Governor’s Office

Beshear didn’t offer to change his positions. The group decided to continue their protest in the governor’s office. They were prepared to be arrested at the end of the day on Friday.

Instead, the governor told them they can stay as long as they like. The group plans to stay through Monday when other environmental activists will gather in Frankfort for a rally called I Love Mountains Day.

Beshear Meets With Mining Protesters

Around 20 members of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth began a sit-in protest this morning in the lobby of the governor’s office. They said they wouldn’t leave unless they got an audience with Governor Beshear. Beshear initially said his schedule wouldn’t permit it, but finally emerged and fielded questions for about 30 minutes. The group wants an end to surface mining in Kentucky, but Beshear says he cannot support that.

Festival of Faiths to Hold Kickoff; Announce Speakers

The 15th annual Festival of Faiths is not until November, but its organizer, the Center for Interfaith Relations, is holding a kick off event for this year’s festival tomorrow. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more. The theme for this year’s Festival of Faiths is soil. And during the kick-off organizers will announce the lineup of prominent […]

'Wild Blessings': Wendell Berry's Passions Reframed

LISTEN TO THE STORY Wendell Berry, the Kentucky-based agrarian philosopher, has been described as our era’s heir to Emerson and Thoreau — a writer concerned with the importance of community, and with the lessons we can learn from the natural world. Now, the Actors Theatre of Louisville is putting his ideas on stage. There were […]

Wendell Berry's Politics Profiled in Dallas Morning News

In a sense, Dreher says, Wendell Berry has been ahead of his time, and now he’s right on time. Berry’s belief that we must stop consuming beyond our means echoes the calls of environmentalists these days, who urge us to eat locally and tap local sources for alternative fuels.