WDRB Anchor Apologizes for Gaffe

by Gabe Bullard on October 11, 2011

As promised, WDRB morning anchor Lindsay Allen apologized today for potentially offending viewers with a slip of the tongue that some say was a racial slur.

Allen and WDRB news director Barry Fulmer say the morning show host stumbled on the words “at least” while discussing golfer Tiger Woods. However, a clip of the statement was released online, and many who saw it say Allen said the N word.

As Fulmer told WFPL yesterday, Allen denies she said the word, so she did not apologize for saying it.

Here is her apology:

“Yesterday a viewer contacted us over a comment I made during this newscast. I want to assure everyone that the comments I made were misunderstood. I apologize if any of our viewers were offended.”

You can watch the clip here.

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WDRB News Anchor to Apologize for Alleged Racial Slur

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A local television anchor will apologize on-air Tuesday for offending viewers, though she insists she did nothing wrong. Morning show host Lindsay Allen appears to have said the N word while bantering with a co-anchor after a story about golfer Tiger Woods. An African-American student brought the incident to news director Barry Fulmer’s attention. Fulmer says […]

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WDRB Renews Fox Affiliation

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Louisville television station WDRB has renewed its contract with Fox. The talks took up most of the year and the terms are private. The station’s affiliation agreement with Fox dictates how the station can broadcast national programming and carry the network name. Earlier this year, WDRB dropped the Fox41 name from many of its local broadcasts […]

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WDRB Attempts to Renew Contract With Fox, Establish Own Identity

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For the last few months, executives at Louisville television station WDRB—commonly called Fox 41—have been renegotiating the station’s contract to remain a Fox Network affiliate. That’s fueled speculation that WDRB is at risk of losing the affiliation. But the station is only planning to drop Fox from its name, and not its airwaves. General Manager […]

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Local NAACP Protests NY Post Cartoon

by Gabe Bullard February 26, 2009

The Louisville chapter of the NAACP wants Louisville’s Fox television station’s general manager to take a stand against a controversial editorial cartoon, which depicts a chimpanzee shot by police and makes reference to the economic stimulus package endorsed by President Obama.

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