Update: Waterfront Wednesday Shortened

WFPL’s sister station, WFPK, has announced that tonight’s Waterfront Wednesday will begin early at 5:45, and sets will be shortened to ensure that the concert finished by 8:30 PM. The city has mandated that the concert end by 8:30 PM. Last month’s Waterfront Wednesday was cancelled due to flooding and severe weather. “Waterfront Wednesday is… Continue reading Update: Waterfront Wednesday Shortened

History of Louisville's Waterfront

Have you lived in Louisville long enough to remember the huge mound of sand on the waterfront? Or maybe you think we’ve always had the park? Louisville’s waterfront has seen many changes since 1778 when George Rogers Clark and party landed on Corn Island. Join us on Monday when we learn more about our waterfront’s history and future; and join us with your questions.   Photo by Donald Vish  Listen to the Show

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Fourth of July Celebration Goes On

Louisville’s Fourth of July celebration goes on this year, despite having to cut its budget by a third. The event is still free, and runs today (Friday) and tomorrow Saturday on the waterfront. Mayor Jerry Abramson says even though it has a smaller budget, the festival still has the elements that matter. “A celebration not… Continue reading Fourth of July Celebration Goes On