Southern Indiana Mayoral Races Are Underway

The Jeffersonville, Indiana mayoral race may be decided by what voters think of incumbent Tom Galligan’s $65 million canal plan. The plan is partly a response to EPA requirements to fix sewer problems, but Galligan also expects the plan to increase business in the area. Republican challenger Mike Moore says the plan is too expensive. […]

Clark County Must Be ADA Compliant For Next Election

Clark County, Indiana lawmakers must decide how the county will comply with the American with Disabilities Act for fall and spring elections. Changing the way the county votes could increase voter access and save the county money. The county’s ADA compliant voting machines came under scrutiny last spring after all the devices failed to record […]

Little Citizen Participation in Redistricting Process

Residents of some western Louisville districts have seen drafts of the Metro Council’s redistricting plans, but not all residents may see what their new districts will look like. The Louisville Metro Council Ad Hoc Committee on Redistricting met Monday to discuss progress on drafting new borders for the city’s 26 districts. Earlier this month, the […]

Walker Predicts Ten Percent Voter Turnout for Primary

Secretary of State Elaine Walker is predicting low voter turnout for Tuesday’s primary election in Kentucky, even though voter registration numbers are up. A record 2.9 million Kentuckians are now registered to vote. That’s 11,000 more than in the 2008 General Election, the previous record. But getting voters excited about Tuesday’s primary appears to be […]

Legg Defends Birth Certificate Proposal

The two Republican candidates for Secretary of State in Kentucky say they want to make sure only legal citizens and registered voters cast ballots in elections. But critics say their proposals for making that happen are unnecessary. Candidate Hilda Legg has put forward the toughest proposal. She says residents should be required to show a […]

Deadline to Register to Vote in May Primary is Tomorrow

Monday is the deadline to register to vote in Kentucky’s May 17th primary. Minors who will be 18 before the November 8th general election are eligible and entitled to register to vote in the primary. “The reason is because if you were old enough to vote in the general election then you clearly will be […]

Voting Computer Problems Force Switch in Kenton County

Polls workers in Kenton County, Kentucky have switched voting machines, after their original machines – called eSlates – were discovered to have been programmed incorrectly. When a voter marked a straight-party ticket, the machines didn’t tally their vote in a local state senate race. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Les Fugate says the problem was […]

Why We Vote

Because it’s the most fundamental way to participate in democracy. Because my parents brought me up that way. Because my predecessors fought and died so I could. Because if you don’t vote, you can’t complain later. Because I strongly support/oppose one of the candidates. It seems like there are as many reasons for voting as there are voters. This Election Day, after you vote (or before you go), tune in to State of Affairs for a look at what motivates people to vote, and what factors tend to keep people away from the polls. Listen to the Show