1:06pm: The largest solar storm in five years is battering the earth today with particles traveling at four million miles per hour, and the potential to shake the planet’s magnetic field, disrupt utility grids & satellite networks, and make GPS less accurate. The storm could also trigger communication problems and additional radiation around the north and south poles, a risk that has caused airlines to reroute some flights. The event started with massive solar flares earlier this week and grew as it raced outward from the sun, expanding like a giant soap bubble and astronomers warn that more storms could be on the way. Kelly Beatty, senior contributing editor with Sky and Telescope magazine, joins us to explain what exactly is going on up there.

1:12pm: The U.S. has a unique and outstanding tradition of philanthropy; there were over 1.3 million charities and foundations in the U.S. in 2010, but over 300,000 of those groups were in danger of losing their status due to administrative and financial problems, and the country’s top 400 charities have been struggling through the economic downturn. Howard Stevenson has a new primer on fundraising based on his long experience as a donor and his involvement in raising over a billion dollars for a number of non-profits. He says successful fundraisers need to think like entrepreneurs, because non-profits and new businesses share a key problem: both have missions that exceed their resources. Stevenson joins us this hour to let us in on what else he’s learned about fundraising.

1:40pm: Danise Coon knows her chile peppers. She’s with the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University. According to that august body of experts, the hottest pepper around is the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. It’s about the size of a golf ball and packs quite a punch—so much of a punch that while Coon and her students were harvesting them, the peppers burned through their protective gloves.

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Heating Assistance Demand Constant, Next Phase of Funding Facing Cuts

by Gabe Bullard December 22, 2011

Louisville officials are anticipating a cut in federal Low Income Heating Assistance Program funds, but not a drop in demand. LIHEAP has two phases: subsidy and crisis. For the subsidy phase, low-income Louisvillians can get help paying their utility bills. In the crisis phase, applicants for assistance must show proof that their utilities are about […]

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Council Tables 15-Year Insight Agreement Renewal

by Gabe Bullard November 19, 2010

A council committee unanimously approved Insight’s franchise agreement last week. The full council, however, sent the agreement back to the committee Thursday due to some questions about the company’s operations.

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Summer LIHEAP Assistance Now Available

by Gabe Bullard July 12, 2010

Summer assistance is now available in the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Applications for one-time assistance for paying energy bills will be accepted starting Monday.

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Conway Re-Files Request To Dismiss Rate Case

by Gabe Bullard July 6, 2010

Conway contends that the sale will affect the need for a rate increase and that the rate increase would make the sale a better deal for PPL. He wants the PSC to dismiss the rate case, which would force PPL to re-apply for the increase later, if it’s still necessary.

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Utility Rate Hearing Concludes in Frankfort

by scrosby June 9, 2010

by Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh What was expected to be a two-day rate hearing in Frankfort for Kentucky’s two largest utilities wrapped up on the first day. Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities originally sought a combined $252 million rate increase, but at the start of the hearing, announced they were lowering the […]

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Hearing Begins In Utility Rate Case

by Gabe Bullard June 8, 2010

LG&E and KU lowered their requests and now are seeking 189-million dollars in rate hikes, at the same time the utilities are being sold to Pennsylvania Power and Light. But before the hearing, the Public Service Commission denied a motion from the attorney general’s office seeking dismissal of the rate cases while the sale is pending.

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PSC Rejects Conway's Request To Halt Rate case

by Gabe Bullard June 8, 2010

The two utilities have asked the PSC to approve a rate increase for infrastructure improvements and to recoup losses incurred after recent storms. The PSC also must rule in a separate filing on the proposed sale of LG&E and KU to Pennsylvania-based PPL.

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Commission Holds Hearing on Proposed Rate Increases

by ekramer June 7, 2010

The Kentucky Public Service Commission is set to hold a hearing Tuesday n rate hikes proposed by Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities. LG&E is requesting to increase electricity rates by about 12 percent and its sister company, Kentucky Utilities, has proposed raising rates by more than 13 percent. If approved, it would mean […]

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PSC To Hold Rate Case Hearing In Louisville Monday

by Gabe Bullard May 2, 2010

by Gabe Bullard The Kentucky Public Service Commission will hold a public meeting in Louisville Monday on a proposed utility rate increase. Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities have asked the PSC to approve a rate increase. The money would be used for infrastructure improvements and to recoup losses from ice and wind storms. […]

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