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Count Me In! Why Do We Have a Census?

Monday, May 4, 2009
Count Me In! Why Do We Have a Census?
Finding and counting every person living in the United States sounds like an impossible task; and homelessness, language barriers and suspicion about the government don’t make it any easier. Yet according to the constitution, it must be done. The Census has been happening every 10 years since 1790, and as our diverse population continues to swell, it becomes an increasingly difficult job. Monday we will talk with some of the individuals in our area that are assisting with the 2010 Census in order to find out how they do it and why it matters.

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Local News

US Census Bureau to Hire 2000 in Louisville, Lexington

The U.S. Census Bureau needs workers for the 2010 census beginning in the spring of 2009.  The Bureau has announced it will open offices in Lexington and Louisville, hiring up to a thousand full and part time workers for the temporary jobs in each location.  Census Bureau Tony Jones says workers will be needed continuously.

“If someone were to apply and they didn’t initially get a job, not to fret, to hang in there, because basically with these operations, people come and go. We’re going to always need people to fill the jobs because once we begin the address canvassing operations in the spring, the 2010 census operations will keep going, and we’re always going to need people,”

In the spring of 2009, workers are needed to help build address lists.  Canvassers will go door to door later, following up with residents who haven’t returned their census questionnaires by mail.  The U.S. government uses census results to figure the number of congressional seats for each state as well as to determine how federal funding gets allocated.