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Yale Students to Plan Urban Distillery in Louisville

by Gabe Bullard on January 24, 2012

A group of students from the Yale School of Architecture will visit Louisville this year to design an urban distillery downtown, though the project won’t necessarily result in the distillery being built.

The visit is part of Yale’s advanced design studios program. In addition to Kentucky, students in other studios will visit Venice, Denmark, Finland, Los Angeles and Switzerland. The latter trip will be led by Frank Gehry.

The Louisville team will be led by Deborah Berke, who was one of the lead designers of 21c. The students will visit various distilleries in the area, as well as in Columbus, Indiana, Cincinnati and New York. They will then design an urban distillery on the block across from Whiskey Row.

According to a statement announcing the project, the students will look for innovation through architecture in the spirits industry and offer “an opportunity to rethink urban manufacturing in the 21st Century.”

From the course outline:

We will study the logistics of material handling, the overlapping paths of goods, workers, visitors, waste, and traffic within the distillery and the city. We will confront the demands of energy consumption, water-use, hygiene, and the pungent odors for which distilleries are infamous. Students will be asked to consider the performative requirements for the architectural envelope in regards to scale, day-light, energy-use, interior climate, brand-identity, and transparency.

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Beshear Signs Law to Fight Vacant Property

by Gabe Bullard June 2, 2011

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has signed a new law that aims to boost revenue and beautify neighborhoods. When a property is vacant and falls into a state of disrepair, city governments often cut grass and board up windows, then fine the owner for the work. In Louisville, Metro Government has spent millions keeping up empty […]

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Kentucky Lawmakers Form Metropolitan Caucus

by Tony McVeigh April 26, 2011

A loose-knit group of Kentucky House members from the commonwealth’s more populated areas is meeting regularly in Frankfort. It’s called the Metropolitan Caucus, and it’s an informal group of Kentucky House members that meets regularly to discuss issues of mutual interest. The Kentucky General Assembly has a Subcommittee on Rural Issues, but no counterpart for metropolitan areas. […]

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Colgate Plant Sold

by Gabe Bullard January 20, 2011

The plant was sold to the Boston Development Group, which is led by a local doctor. The group previously was the top bidder for the plant at an auction, but the deal fell through late last year. Much like that sale, the new deal anticipates foreign investors helping finance the redevelopment of the plant and the surrounding area into Clark’s Landing.

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2010 Census Could Lead To Changes In The Metro Council

by Gabe Bullard December 20, 2010

Data from the 2010 Census is beginning to be released, and that means legislative districts will have to be redrawn to reflect changes in population.

Next year, the Louisville Metro Council will redraw its district map for the first time.

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Final Public Comments Sought On Bike And Pedestrian Master Plan

by Gabe Bullard December 8, 2010

The last batch of public comments on Louisville’s bike and pedestrian master plan will be accepted Thursday. Residents of west and central Louisville have been invited to the final public forum on the plan.

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HUD Letter Renews Hope For Museum Plaza Loan

by Gabe Bullard November 4, 2010

The state applied for the loan through the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which uses private investments to help finance projects that will benefit multiple communities. Congressman John Yarmuth says he recently received a letter from HUD officials that said they were optimistic the loan could be arranged.

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Shanklin Proposes Publishing Some Cited Property Owners' Names

by Gabe Bullard May 24, 2010

Shanklin says there are too many abandoned and unused properties in Louisville that have fallen into states of disrepair. Shanklin says she’s working with the county attorney on legislation that would bring attention to neglected properties by publishing the owners’ names in the newspaper.

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In Louisville, Suburban Dollars Fund Urban Services

by Gabe Bullard January 21, 2010

Next month, the Metro Council will begin debating how to pay the final $30 million of the city’s settlement with firefighters over miscalculated overtime. The debt dates back to the pre-merger City of Louisville, and some council members want taxpayers in the old city, now called the Urban Services District, to pay it off. Others […]

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Park DuValle Talks Continue

by Gabe Bullard December 7, 2009

Talks aimed at resolving complaints involving the manager of the government-subsidized Park DuValle rental properties in west Louisville are continuing.

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