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U of L To Begin National Search for School of Medicine Dean

The University of Louisville will soon launch a national search for a new medical school dean.

U of L announced today that current Dean Edward Halperin will leave the post to become chief executive officer and chancellor for health affairs of New York Medical College in Westchester County, effective May 1st.

He’ll also become provost for biomedical affairs at Touro College and University System, which includes the medical college and is based in New York.

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“Bonuses” vs. “Compensation”: $4.8 Million in Medicaid Funds at UofL Med School in Dispute

State Senator Tim Shaughnessy raised allegations last week that the University of Louisville School of Medicine misused $4.8 million in Medicaid funds. He says the money was used to give bonuses to school doctors. The Attorney General’s office says it was simply “physician compensation,” but Shaughnessy says the term “bonuses” was used, and that the money was not paid out as part of doctors’ regular salaries. He’s calling for continued investigation and oversight. Deborah Yetter covered the story for the Courier-Journal, and she joined us Friday on State of the News to fill us in on the disputed funds.

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U of L Med School Students Going To Kenya

By Rick Howlett

A group of University of Louisville medical school students will take part in a mission to Kenya later this summer.

Second year medical student Matt Love (pictured with, from left, fellow team members Jessica Drews and Amanda Jo Lott) says the 11 participants will leave for Africa July 20 and return in early August.

“We’re going to be all over the place, we’re going to be in orphanages, doing vaccinations to children there,” Love said. “We’re going to be doing full physicals on the children in these orphanages. There are several orphanages that will open when we will be over there. So that’s part of the duties, we’re going to be in clinics and hospitals, a lot of different things while we’re over there.”

Love says one of the leading causes of death among Kenyans under age five is preventable diarrhea, measles and malaria.

The group will also bring along a load of medical supplies donated by the U of L Hospital.

The trip is being organized by the Kansas-based Mercy and Truth Medical Missions.