Unemployment Drops in Most of Kentucky

by Gabe Bullard on May 24, 2012

The unemployment rate has dropped in Louisville, and in most of Kentucky.

The most recent numbers from the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training show unemployment at 8.1 percent in Jefferson County, meaning about 30 thousand residents are without jobs.

That’s an improvement over last month and last year. The numbers are not seasonally-adjusted, and can’t accurately be compared to the 8.3 percent state unemployment rate or the 8.1 percent national unemployment rate.

Overall, 110 counties in Kentucky saw unemployment drop last month. The lowest rate was 5.1 percent in Woodford County, though Fayette, Oldham, Shelby and Hancock counties all have rates of six percent or less. The highest unemployment rate, 20.5 percent, was in Fulton County.

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Birth Control Debate in Senate; Why Long-Term Unemployment Is At Record Levels; Foreign Language Study in JCPS: Today on Here and Now

by Laura Ellis March 1, 2012

1:06pm: Access to contraception was debated in the Senate Thursday, and Senators voted down a measure that would have let insurance plans and employers, not just at religious institutions, refuse to cover health services that violate their religious beliefs or morals. The measure was sponsored by Republicans Roy Blunt of Missouri and Marco Rubio of […]

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Jobless Rate Falls in Most Kentucky Counties

by Gabe Bullard November 23, 2011

The unemployment rate dropped in most of Kentucky between September and October. The Office of Employment and Training shows lower jobless rates in 99 counties and higher rates in 20 counties. Jefferson was among those with a lower rate. Unemployment dropped from 10.4 percent in September to 9.5 percent in October. The lowest unemployment rate […]

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Jobless Rates Improve in 60 Percent of Kentucky Counties

by Erica Peterson October 27, 2011

September employment numbers improved in 72 Kentucky counties. The good news is tempered by the fact that Kentucky’s overall employment rate is still nearly 10 percent. Unemployment increased in 43 counties and stayed the same in five. The state’s lowest jobless rate is in Woodford County at 7.2 percent. Unemployment in Fulton County is the […]

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Jobs Bill Faces Defeat in Senate, Tech Companies Find Workers Overseas, Attorney General Candidate Todd P’Pool: Today on Here and Now

by Laura Ellis October 11, 2011

Democrats are trying to snatch victory from the jaws of almost certain defeat today, as the Senate is poised vote down the President’s $447 billion jobs bill. As that curtain falls, Democrats are scrambling to save parts of the plan, including a payroll tax holiday, with smaller bills more likely to make it through Congress. […]

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Christie Speculation Heats Up, Tech Jobs Grow, Wiki-Leaks Names Names: Today on Here and Now

by Laura Ellis October 3, 2011

Now that Florida has decided to move up its GOP presidential primary, the thinking is that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will have to decide this week whether to throw his hat into the ring for the White House. While campaign watchers wait to hear from him, the other Republican candidates are keeping an eye […]

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Court Rules on JCPS Student Assignment, Kentucky Kingdom Talks Break Down, EPA Rejects Mining Permits, and Changes to Unemployment in Indiana: Afternoon Review

by Laura Ellis September 30, 2011

The Kentucky Court of Appeals has ruled that students have the right to enroll and attend the school nearest their home. But if JCPS takes the case further, it will delay having to comply with the Court of Appeals decision. The plan to re-open Kentucky Kingdom has hit another snag, with talks breaking down between […]

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Lawmakers React to Obama’s Jobs Plan

by Laura Ellis September 10, 2011

President Obama is proposing an ambitious, nearly $450 billion jobs plan to Congress — a key feature of which is a 2012 cut in payroll taxes. Thursday night, he presented the plan to a joint session of Congress. James Carroll, from the Courier-Journal’s Washington Bureau, joined us on Friday’s State of the News to explain […]

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CBO: Slow Growth, High Jobless Rate for Years

by admin August 24, 2011

Projecting slow growth and high unemployment over the next six years, the Congressional Budget Office released its updated report Wednesday that paints a dire economic picture for the foreseeable future. The nonpartisan agency forecasts the country’s jobless rate will remain above 8 percent until 2014 and economic growth will be 2.7 percent next year. President […]

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Marketplace Special Tonight at 7pm: The Breakdown of the US Economy

by Todd Mundt August 22, 2011

It’s been a turbulent month for the markets and economies around the world. Marketplace has covered the story daily, and tonight at 7pm, Kai Ryssdal hosts a Marketplace special examining where the U.S. economy is headed and how we got here. We’ll explore what’s behind the recent market swings. Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch will offer […]

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