Transit Authority of River City

The Transit Authority of River City (TARC) is proposing a hike in bus fares, the elimination of nine express routes and other service changes to offset a projected $4.6 million budget shortfall next fiscal year.

Officials will seek public input on the proposed changes at six pubic meetings to be held May 15-17.

“With fuel costs, health care costs and pension costs, the sad fact is that our expenses are going up faster than our revenues, so we’ve got to do something to balance that,” said TARC Executive Director Barry Barker.

Under the proposal, one-way adult fare would increase from $1.50 to $1.75 and a monthly pass would increase from $42 to $50, among other hikes. Barker says the proposed rates are in line with public transportation fares charged in similar sized cities like Indianapolis and Cincinnati, where one-way adult fare is already $1.75.

This would be TARC’s first fare increase since 2008. [click to continue…]

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TARC to Unveil New Website This Week

by admin March 5, 2012

The Transit Authority of River City will unveil a redesigned website later this week with a look that officials say will enhance visibility and improve scheduling pages. The new website will also include a scrolling news section, links to social media sites and better overall visibility for users who want to access it at home […]

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TARC Negotiating New Contract for Disabled Rider Service

by Gabe Bullard February 27, 2012

The Transit Authority of River City will soon enter talks for a new contract for the agency’s TARC3 service. TARC3 is for people who can’t ride standard buses. The vehicles visit riders’ homes and the schedules and routes are adjusted to create the most convenient service possible. But even though it’s convenient, the service isn’t the […]

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TARC Takes Public Comment on Louisville Loop Service

by Sheila Ash March 8, 2011

Two people showed up for an open house on the plan Tuesday afternoon. One of them said TARC should improve its current services, rather than add more.The other half of the audienc said the route will help familiarize people with the loop.

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TARC Touts Added Service On Two Major Routes

by Rick Howlett February 15, 2011

TARC was forced to make some deep cuts and eliminate stops and services last year to close a $5 million
budget shortfall. TARC is funded largely through occupational taxes, and has been hard-hit by high unemployment. But Executive Director Barry Barker says the authority’s fiscal picture is slowing improving.

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TARC Updates Busy Routes

by Gabe Bullard February 14, 2011

Transit Authority of River City buses will run every fifteen minutes on the number 18 route on Preston and Dixie highways and on the number 23 route, which serves Broadway and Bardstown Road. About 20% of TARC’s riders use the two routes.

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TARC Trolleys To Remain Free Through End Of Year

by Gabe Bullard September 23, 2010

The fifty cent fare on trolleys on 4th, Main and Market streets was dropped for the summer. TARC paid for the rides with business sponsorships. Director Barry Barker says so many people rode the trolleys this summer, he sought more sponsorships.

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Hearings Begin On TARC Surcharge Proposal

by Rick Howlett April 12, 2010

By Rick Howlett Public hearings have begun on a proposed surcharge on some Transit Authority of River City bus routes to avoid eliminating them. Officials had previously suggested doing away with all but three of TARC’s 16 express routes to meet a budget shortfall, but after public input, decided to float the idea of a […]

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TARC Board Approves Revised Plan To Balance Budget

by Rick Howlett March 22, 2010

The Transit Authority of River City’s board of directors on Monday agreed to move forward with a plan aimed at reducing a $5.5 million revenue shortfall while preserving many of the bus routes originally slated for elimination. But the board may also impose a $1 surcharge on all 16 of its express routes to keep […]

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TARC Rolls Out New Buses

by Rick Howlett November 9, 2009

The Transit Authority of River City is putting 17 new buses into service, replacing about ten-percent of its fleet. TARC Executive Director Barry Barker says the clean diesel buses cost $332,000 each and were purchased with a combination of local, state and federal funds. Barker says the buses are not as environmentally friendly as the […]

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