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Coal Ash News Special [Audio]

by Laura Ellis on October 13, 2011

On Thursday we spent an hour looking at Coal Ash — what it is, whether it’s dangerous, and how it’s regulated.

We spoke with John Voyles, Vice President of Transmission and Generation Services for LG&E; Tom Fitzgerald Founder and Director of the the Kentucky Resources Council; Tom Robl, Associate Director of Environmental and Coal Technologies at University of Kentucky; and Scott Slesinger, Legislative Director at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The show will be rebroadcast Thursday night at 9pm, or you can listen to it below.

Audio MP3

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Judge Ruling in EPA Lawsuit May Have Few Practical Implications

by Erica Peterson October 7, 2011

A judge has ruled with the coal industry in a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency. It’s a victory for the industry, but the decision could have little practical meaning for Kentucky’s coal mines. The judge ruled the EPA overstepped its authority when it instituted an “Enhanced Coordination Procedure” in 2009 to evaluate permits for […]

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Hearing on Zeon Class Action Settlement Begins

by Erica Peterson August 31, 2011

Dozens of residents of Louisville’s Rubbertown neighborhood were at the federal courthouse today for a fairness hearing in a class action lawsuit against Zeon Chemicals. The settlement agreement offers up to $750 for those who live within a mile of the chemical plant, and up to $100 for those within one to two miles. Nine […]

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Senate Committee Approves Anti-EPA Bill

by Tony McVeigh February 17, 2011

Tom Fitzgerald of the Kentucky Resources Council spoke against the resolution, which mostly is a symbolic protest against stepped up EPA enforcement of federal Clean Water standards regulating coal mining.

“I understand your frustration,” he says to the bills supporters. “My concern is just that the remedy here is really to look at changing mine design in order to address the strata that have the sulfates and carbonates, rather than provoking what I think is a federal assumption of the water program.”

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Bluegrass 'Bioneers' Beams National, Local Experts

by kespeland October 15, 2009

The annual environmental conference Bioneers kicks off this weekend, and the University of Louisville will be hosting its events via satellite. Speakers include the prominent food journalist Michael Pollan, as well as holistic health advocate Dr. Andrew Weil.

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Kentucky Environment Lawyer Wins Heinz Award

by kespeland September 9, 2008

The Kentucky Resource Council’s Tom Fitzgerald has been given the Heinz award for his environmental work. The Heinz Family Foundation selects environmental leaders once a year to receive a no-strings-attached award of $250,000.

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