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Live Blog From Frankfort: 7:00 Hour

Democratic supporters are making their way into the Kentucky Convention Center in Frankfort, with the band “The Torque” setting a celebratory mood as counting begins in Eastern Kentucky.

Attorney General Jack Conway was among the first of the Democratic candidates to arrive at the convention center. Conway says he’s confident in today’s vote, but says Democrats must wait for the final poll numbers to celebrate.

He says he’s focused on being the state’s attorney general and tries not to get mixed up in Washington politics.

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City Faces $6 Million Deficit, Humana CEO to Retire, Palin Endorses P’Pool: Afternoon Review

In case you started the weekend early, here are some of the stories we’ve covered today that you may have missed.

Louisville Metro Government is facing a $6 million deficit based on early revenue projections. The shortfall exists despite higher receipts in the first three months of the fiscal year.

Humana president Mike McCallister has announced his retirement after 38 years with the company. He will step down within the next 18 months.

And former Alaska Governor and vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin has endorsed Republican Todd P’Pool for Kentucky attorney general. The P’Pool campaign has released robocalls in which Palin urges voters to support P’Pool and mispronounces his last name.

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Palin Backs P’Pool for Kentucky Attorney General (AUDIO)

Less than a week until Election Day, former Alaska Governor and vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin has endorsed Republican Todd P’Pool for Kentucky attorney general.

The Hopkins County Attorney is challenging Democratic incumbent Jack Conway and has sought to nationalize the race by promising to challenge federal environmental regulations and President Obama’s health care overhaul.

P’Pool says Palin has a record of not “going along to get along,” and bucking the establishment, which he promises to emulate if elected.

“I am extremely honored to announce the endorsement and support of one of America’s great conservative voices and Constitutional conservatives, Gov. Sarah Palin. Her endorsement brings a level of energy and excitement to our race that is nearly impossible to match,” he says.

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Conway Responds to P’Pool Attack Ad

Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway released an ad Wednesday responding to an attack from Republican challenge Todd P’Pool, which alleges the incumbent tried to cover up a drug investigation involving his brother.

The 30-second spot features Conway addressing voters about the allegation, which he has vehemently denied for over a year. The attorney general repeats the explanation, saying he told his brother, Matt Conway, to “take responsibility” for any actions and advised him to obtain legal counsel after learning he knew about the probe.

“But that hasn’t stopped my opponent from completely distorting the facts to try and fool you. Mr. P’Pool, say what you want about me, but my family shouldn’t be part of this campaign,” says Conway.

Check it out:

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P’Pool Attacks Conway Over Brother’s Drug Investigation in New Ad

In two new television ads, Republican attorney general candidate Todd P’Pool is attacking Democratic incumbent Jack Conway over a one-year-old drug investigation that focused on the attorney general’s brother.

The spots claim Conway had a role in the probe and insinuates the attorney general was at the center of a cover-up, but neither go into much detail.

Check it out:

Earlier this year, Matt Conway resigned from the Jefferson County Commonwealth Attorney’s office months after he admitted lying to police about being tipped off about an investigation into whether he was selling drugs.

The attorney general has consistently denied any involvement in his brother’s investigation beyond advising him to get legal counsel.

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Election Day Looms. Who’s Doing What? State of the News [Audio]

The general election is just over a week away, and the big news this week was that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani came to town to campaign for Attorney General candidate Todd P’Pool, saying the race has national implications for health care and energy policy. Friday on State of the News, we talked with cn|2’s Kenny Colston and our own Phillip M. Bailey about the visit, and other election news and analysis.

Audio MP3
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Giuliani Campaigns for P’Pool, Rails Against Obama and Conway

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told supporters of Republican Todd P’Pool that Kentucky’s attorney general race has national implications for health care and energy policy.

Giuliani visited Louisville on Wednesday to back P’Pool, who is running against Democratic incumbent Jack Conway. The former Republican presidential candidate highlighted key parts of P’Pool’s platform, which nationalizes the race and seeks to tie Conway to President Barack Obama

Giuliani says if Kentucky joins a lawsuit against the president’s health care law, it will help save the economy from “socialized medicine”

“I’m here because this election is important to the country. It’s important to the country that you have an attorney general that joins the other attorneys general—Republican and Democrat—that want to overturn Obamacare. Your attorney general has Kentucky in a position by not opposing it, of supporting Obamacare,” he says.

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Judge Rejects Conway Request to Join For-Profit College Lawsuit

Kentucky cannot join a federal lawsuit against Education Management Corp., the second-largest for-profit college company in the country, a judge ruled Monday.

In August, Attorney General Jack Conway announced the commonwealth had filed to intervene in the whistleblower case as part of a larger effort to crackdown on the business practices of for-profit colleges. The attorney general’s office has sued Owensboro-based Daymar College and investigated other institutions Louisville-based Sullivan University, respectively.

Education Management Corp owns Brown Mackie College, which operates three campuses in the commonwealth.

Conway told the Lexington Herald-Leader their business practices put students and taxpayers at risk because of “overaggressive” recruiters who target people who are unable to pay their students loans, but U.S. District Judge Terrence McVerry denied his request to join the case.

From Business Week:

“This case is already over four years old and the addition of ‘consumer protection’ claims would cause further delay and prejudice to the existing parties,” McVerry said (Monday) in a written opinion.

Kentucky doesn’t have a state law equivalent to the federal false claims act and intervention by the state “is not warranted under the circumstances of this matter,” McVerry said in the ruling.
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Giuliani Making Louisville Appearance to Campaign for P’Pool

The campaign for Republican attorney general candidate Todd P’Pool announced Thursday that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will be in Louisville to back the GOP challenger.

Giuliani will join the Hopkins County Attorney at a rally on October 26 that will include supporters and public safety officials.

P’Pool says the former Republican presidential candidate has a record of leadership among law enforcement and claims his opponent, Democratic incumbent Jack Conway has failed to deliver.

“Mayor Giuliani is a role model and textbook example of defined leadership,” P’Pool said, noting he has received the endorsement from the Kentucky FOP. “At a time when Kentucky suffers from a lack of strong leadership—especially in the attorney general’s office—it is an extreme honor to be joined in Kentucky by America’s mayor.”

Several high-profile Republicans have already visited the commonwealth to join P’Pool on the campaign trail, including former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and current attorneys general Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma and Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia.

The Conway campaign has not responded to a request for comment.

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Attorney General Debate Follows Campaign Pattern

The first debate between the candidates for Kentucky attorney general repeated many themes of the campaign.

Democratic incumbent Jack Conway and Republican challenger Todd P’Pool squared off on KET last night.

Conway continued touting his accomplishments as the state’s chief prosecutor fighting cyber crime, child pornography and prescription drug abuse. P’Pool, meanwhile, continued his efforts to nationalize the race and said Conway should join other state attorneys general in a lawsuit against President Obama’s healthcare overhaul law.

“It’s time we had a practicing prosecutor that would stand with the rank and file law enforcement and prosecutors around Kentucky and get to work and be an independent attorney general not one that’s interested in partisan politics,” says P’Pool.

“I’m not gonna take some of the valuable resources of the office of the attorney general and put them on a lawsuit on health care when it’s an issue that’s gonna get decided anyway,” says Conway.

Observers say the attorney general’s race could be the GOP’s best chance for a victory in November. The most recent polls show Conway with a double-digit lead, but P’Pool says internal polls show the race is closer than that.

Additional reporting by Ron Smith, Kentucky Public Radio