Todd Lally

Incumbent Congressman John Yarmuth will return to Washington for a third term.

Yarmuth defeated Todd Lally Tuesday night. In his acceptance speech, Yarmuth criticized Lally and other Republicans for trying to tie Democratic candidates to President Barack Obama and outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

“It makes me really fear for this country when you have two people who work every minute of every day to make life better for every American and they put up with the…nonsense…that they put up with,” he said.

Yarmuth then touted his work on Democratic legislation such as the health care overhaul and financial reform as reasons for his re-election. He said he will remain loyal to his platform, even though he will be in the minority party for the first time of his congressional career.

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Yarmuth Wins Third Term In Congress

by Rick Howlett November 2, 2010

Lally says he called Yarmuth and thanked him for not giving in to negative campaigning. He also told supporters that he will run for office again at some point in the future.

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Audio: Lally, Yarmuth Face Off In Rotary Debate

by Rick Howlett October 28, 2010

Incumbent Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth and Republican challenger Todd Lally discussed several issues, including jobs, the economy and the Ohio River Bridges Project.

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Tea Party May Boost Democratic Turnout In Third District

by Gabe Bullard October 28, 2010

Some national polls this election season have shown a sizeable enthusiasm gap. Democrats in many areas are less excited about voting than Republicans, and a high conservative turnout will likely push many GOP candidates to victory. But lately, some Democratic candidates have begun using the potential for Republican victory to rally the party faithful.

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Bluegrass Poll Gives Yarmuth Four-Point Lead Over Lally

by Gabe Bullard October 26, 2010

The poll was conducted for WHAS-11 and the Courier-Journal between last Thursday and Monday. It gives Yarmuth fifty percent of the vote compared to Lally’s 46 percent, with a 4.1 percent margin of error.

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Lally, Yarmuth Meet At Louisville Forum Debate

by Rick Howlett October 20, 2010

Democratic incumbent John Yarmuth and Republican challenger Todd Lally fielded questions about the health care overhaul law, the federal budget and other issues.

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Yarmuth Discusses Job Creation, Other Campaign Issues

by Rick Howlett October 14, 2010

During an appearance Thursday on WFPL’s “State of Affairs” program, the Democrat said the federal government needs to provide more incentives to create and expand small businesses.

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Yarmuth And Lally Spar At U of L Debate

by Rick Howlett October 12, 2010

The candidates mixed it up on issues such as the war in Afghanistan, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the health care overhaul legislation, the federal stimulus package and term limits.

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U Of L To Host Three Debates

by Gabe Bullard October 11, 2010

The major-party candidates for three offices will debate this week at the University of Louisville. And two of the debates will be broadcast nationally.

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Lally Discusses Issues On SOA

by Rick Howlett October 7, 2010

Lally says he believes voters are worried about the growing national debt and will elect leaders next month who will take more decisive action to curb federal spending.

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