Kentucky Lawmakers Urge Inclusion of Tobacco in Pacific Trade Agreement

Kentucky lawmakers are protesting a current trade agreement that they say would hurt tobacco. The U.S. is currently negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, which includes countries like New Zealand, Peru and Vietnam. But the lawmakers say the proposal excludes tobacco protections. At a news conference in Frankfort today, Democratic and Republican lawmakers urged President Barack […]

Weather, Imports Cause Tobacco Prices To Fluctuate

Farmers, tobacco buyers and agriculture experts say this has been a challenging year for the burley crop in Kentucky.

University of Kentucky tobacco specialist Bob Pearce, says a combination of the hot, dry weather and the prevalence of imported tobacco from Argentina and Brazil has caused prices to fluctuate.

Smoking in Kentucky

It affects twenty-six percent of our youth and around the same percentage of adults – including twenty-four and a half percent of pregnant women. It’s tobacco use, and Kentucky ranks the absolute worst in the nation for our rate of adult smoking. Are these numbers as dismal as they sound, or have they actually gotten better? What are the most effective ways to quit, and the health benefits? Join us this Thursday when we talk about smoking in Kentucky.   Listen to the Show

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