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Title IX Pioneer Sandler To Speak at U of L

The activist who laid the groundwork for the federal law aimed at ending sexual discrimination will speak tomorrow at the University of Louisville.

Bernice Sandler was dubbed “The Godmother of Title IX” by the New York Times. The law, enacted in 1972, is best known for its impact on inequities in high school and collegiate athletics, but Sandler became involved in the issue while battling for her job at the University of Maryland.

Sandler is expected to reflect on her advocacy of Title IX and its impact on girls and women decades after its passage. Her talk begins at 9:30am tomorrow at the Bingham Humanities Building on the Belknap Campus. It’s free and open to the public.

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U of L Official Says White House Call to Stop Sexual Assaults at Colleges Will Fight Unreported Attacks

A University of Louisville official says the White House’s latest campaign to stop sexual assaults on college campuses is a welcome step.

This week, Vice President Joe Biden and Education Secretary Arne Duncan encouraged universities to more closely follow the provisions of Title IX meant to prevent sexual assaults. Those provisions outline how investigations should take place and bar victims from being punished for using drugs or alcohol before the assault.

Sharon LaRue directs U of L’s PEACC program, which works to prevent sexual assault and help victims. She says the reminders of current law and the increased attention on sexual assault strike at one of the school’s chief problems—students who are afraid to report attacks.

“If there’s alcohol involved, if they feel like they had some amount of responsibility in the action—even though we know that’s not true, but sometimes they feel that—or if it’s someone they know, they’re not really likely to come forward and report.”

LaRue says U of L already follows many of the guidelines the White House is stressing. About 28 assaults are reported at U of L each semester, but LaRue says many go unreported.