In Kentucky, 2015 Derby Winner Could Arrive Any Day Now

NPR’s Noah Adams spent some time in Lexington recently, where it’s foaling season on thoroughbred farms. He spoke with Eduardo Terrazas, who owns a boarding farm where 51 foals are expected this season—each of which Terrazas will deliver himself. He drinks a lot of coffee. The story also takes us to Kentucky’s two equine hospitals, […]

How the Thoroughbred Industry Weathered the Economic Downturn: State of the News

Jacalyn Carafagno covered last month’s yearling sale at Keeneland, and she joined us on Friday’s State of the News to explain that the thoroughbred industry was changed by the poor economy, but not necessarily for the worse. Fewer horses are being bred, which means the lowest quality horses are falling out of the market. Since […]

Second Chance Horses

Thoroughbreds, like many professional athletes, often enjoy fast and flashy careers accompanied by fame and fortune. Unfortunately, when their racing days are over and they are no longer profitable, they face an uncertain future. Some are auctioned off for slaughter; others are neglected or abandoned. Thanks to efforts of caring individuals and organizations an increasing number of ex-racehorses are being rescued and retrained for new careers. Listen to the Show