Humana Festival Among Top Priorities For New Actors Theatre Artistic Director

The festival is one of the most important events of the year in American theatre. Hundreds of theatre professionals from the U.S. and abroad come to see the plays that debut at Actors Theatre during the festival.

Actors Theatre Managing Director Jennifer Bielstein says Masterson’s work on the Humana Festival has led to numerous plays—and playwrights—getting additional opportunities.

Actors Theatre Plans To Hire Search Firm For New Artistic Director

Actors Theatre Managing Director Jennifer Bielstein says the board will soon hire a search firm to find a new artistic director who meets the right criteria.

“A skillset in new play production and development because that is our core strength and what attracts people to us nationally and from around the world. And someone who will be a good person at developing relationships and being a goodspokesperson for the arts and for Actors Theatre in this community,” she says.

It Takes A ‘Ville Ends Run This Weekend Following Uncertainty, Success

One challenge the Second City faced in preparing It Takes a ’Ville is that the show is so Louisville-centric that no one in Chicago who watched the rehearsals got any of the jokes. It was only when the troupe performed in front of Louisvillians for the first time that they had a sense of whether or not the show could succeed.

In Depth: Audio Description Helps Blind Patrons “See” A Show

This story looks at one of the reasons people go to see live theatre – especially at the holidays. A lot of theatres try to make a sizable portion of their annual budgets from holiday ticket sales. So they mount big eye-catching productions of old favorites. Like A Christmas Carol, The Nutcracker and A Christmas Story.

New Theater and Restaurant Set to Open in Louisville

By Elizabeth Kramer A new theater space with a restaurant will open next month in Louisville. The Bard’s Town will be at Bardstown Road and Speed Avenue. The name is a reference to William Shakespeare. Doug Schutte is one of three partners in the venture. “Our theater space will have a resident company,” he says, […]

Actors Theatre Kicks Off 34th Humana Festival

Actors Theatre of Louisville had a formal kickoff today for its 34th Humana Festival of New American Plays, which opens this week. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more. (Click on Listen to the story to hear the comments from members of all of the full-length productions in this year’s festival.) This year’s festival has seven full-length […]

Rural Theater Evades Closure with Bold Move

The recession has squeezed arts groups nationwide and caused many to close. In March, the advocacy group Americans for the Arts reported that about 10,000 arts organizations — or about 10 percent of the total  — are at risk of folding. A Kentucky theater was part of that statistic —  but it didn’t go dark. […]

Local Station Airs Play by U of L Professor

A new play about soldiers that debuted at The University of Louisville will air tomorrow morning on the CW-Louisville television station. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more. “Soldiers Circle” was staged in March. During the run, management at the CW-Louisville television station decided to film it for a Memorial Day airing. The play tells the stories […]

'Wild Blessings': Wendell Berry's Passions Reframed

LISTEN TO THE STORY Wendell Berry, the Kentucky-based agrarian philosopher, has been described as our era’s heir to Emerson and Thoreau — a writer concerned with the importance of community, and with the lessons we can learn from the natural world. Now, the Actors Theatre of Louisville is putting his ideas on stage. There were […]

Theater Arts & the Economy

When economic times are tough, people try to curb their spending wherever they can. Often the entertainment budget is the first to be pared down – leaving theater groups with more empty seats, and performers, directors, and crews with less work. Recent debate over arts funding in the stimulus package has people talking about what value and importance we place on the arts. Listen to the Show