Lexington Facing $13m Budget Shortfall

Thanks to Stu Johnson, Kentucky Public Radio/WEKU, Richmond Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry says city officials will have to make some tough budget decisions early next year. The city faces a 13-million dollar shorfall and Newberry says he’s putting together a budget-reduction plan that he’ll unveil in mid-January. “My primary focus is lookign at trying to… Continue reading Lexington Facing $13m Budget Shortfall

Abramson: More Budget Cuts Likely

Despite optimism by some officials that the national economy is beginning to show signs of improvement, Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson says Metro Government’s fiscal health remains weak. “Our first quarter is not looking as good. We put in a budget that had fewer revenues than the year before, less money than the year before, and… Continue reading Abramson: More Budget Cuts Likely