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One Republican senator is making his displeasure with Governor Steve Beshear’s tax commission known.

Senator Jack Westwood has filed a bill for the second year in a row setting up a new commission to completely rewrite Kentucky’s tax code.

Westwood says he filed the bill again because he’s unhappy with the make-up of the governor’s commission, which includes few economists and tax professionals. [click to continue…]

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Tax Reform Commission Launches Website Seeking Public Input

by admin March 7, 2012

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform has launched a website to collect public input as the panel begins its work to overhaul Kentucky’s tax code. Citizens can offer comments through online forms or request to make presentations at any of the upcoming commission meetings scheduled across the state. The 23-member panel was formed by […]

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Tax Reform Commission Discusses Hiring Consultant at First Meeting

by admin March 6, 2012

The special commission formed by Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear to overhaul the state’s tax code held its first meeting Tuesday and put out a proposal to hire a consultant. It is expected the group will makes changes aimed at improving the state’s ability to withstand future economic downturns, produce adequate revenue and make the code […]

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Williams Blasts Beshear’s Tax Commission for Lacking Experts

by Kenny Colston February 15, 2012

Kentucky Senate President David Williams has several criticisms for Governor Steve Beshear’s recently-appointed tax commission. Williams proposed creating such a commission during his bid for governor last year. But says Beshear’s commission lacks the guidance and experience to change Kentucky’s tax code. The Senate President says the majority of the commission is made up of Beshear’s […]

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KCEP Urges Tax Reform Over Expanded Gaming

by admin January 18, 2012

Leaders with the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy are calling on state leaders to tackle tax reform to address the commonwealth’s economic woes. Governor Steve Beshear plans to close the state’s $742 million spending gap by cutting many state agencies by up to 8.4 percent and using a number of other measures, including taking $100 […]

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Williams Avoids Comment on Beshear’s Change of Heart on Tax Reform

by Kenny Colston January 6, 2012

Senate President David Williams is staying out of the mud when it comes to commenting on Governor Steve Beshear’s new tax commission. Williams proposed his own commission last legislative session. It would have included tax experts, economists and others and charged them with completely re-writing Kentucky’s tax code. The new tax code would then be […]

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Beshear Proposes Tax Commission, Lt. Gov. Abramson to Chair

by Kenny Colston January 5, 2012

After weeks of hinting about tax reform, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has provided some details. The governor announced the creation of a blue ribbon tax commission tonight in Lexington and the annual Chamber Day dinner put on by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. In a news release, Beshear says Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson will be […]

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In Depth: Tax Code Changes Again Unlikely to Pass in Frankfort

by Tony McVeigh March 2, 2011

A Kentucky lawmaker determined to update the state’s antiquated tax code has made his annual pitch for reform. But the bill is generating little excitement as time runs out on the 2011 session.

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