U.S. Pushes for Ultimatum to Syrian President, Republican Candidates and the Big Debate, Futurist James Canton on Alternative Fuels: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: There are increasingly desperate warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe today from Syrian activists and humanitarian groups as the Syrian government resumed shelling an opposition neighborhood in the city of Homs. Hundreds have been killed in the three week-long siege of the city by government forces. U.S., European, and Arab officials are working on an […]

Sanctions on Syria, Scandal in College Football, and Gorbachev’s Legacy: Today’s Here and Now

1:06pm: The White House is announcing new sanctions on Syria and tells the country’s president, Bashar Assad, to step down. The move comes after five months of anti-government protests and a government crackdown that has killed over 1,800 civilians. A UN report released today says the Syrian crackdown “may amount to crimes against humanity,” and […]