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Public Safety Survey Released

A public safety survey for Metro Louisville is now available online. It’s part of Mayor Greg Fischer’s Merger 2.0 Task Force, which was formed to look at the progress of the 2003 merger between county and city governments.

This is the second survey by the task force measuring public opinion of the public safety sector, said Councilman James Peden, chair of the Metro Council’s Public Safety Committee. It will help measure change in public opinion and will ask participants where improvements could be made.

Participants will be asked some identifiable information like age and where they live. They’ll also respond to questions regarding public safety and any experiences they may have with Metro Police.

“We will take what the public says and try to apply it to an overall recommendation package that makes a good next step,” Peden said.

Within the next two weeks phone surveys will be conducted for Merger 2.0. These surveys will seek public opinion on various merger issues, such as the difference between urban and suburban services and taxes.

Merger 2.0 Task Force recommendations will be reported by Oct. 1. and may inspire new state and city legislation for 2012. The survey is available until Aug. 2.

Click here to be directed to the public safety survey.

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JCPS Survey Begins Today

The Jefferson County School District kicks off an annual survey today that will ask students, teachers and parents their opinions about academics in the district, as well as school culture.

Evaluation specialist Dr. Marco Munoz says the district is trying to measure new efforts it has put forth in trying to educate the whole child, not just the mind.

“This is not about teaching a subject anymore, this is about teaching a kid,” says Munoz, “and a kid is not only like the brain, you know? It has also all these social and emotional components.”

Munoz says all students and teachers will be given the chance to take the survey electronically at school.

Parents who are registered with their online Parent Portal will be invited to take the survey online. Other parents will be sent a paper copy.

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Homeless Advocates Prepare for Point-in-Time Survey

Louisville homeless advocates are joining with homeless shelters and volunteers to try to get an accurate point-in-time count of the city’s homeless population on Thursday.

Mary Frances Shafer with the Coalition for the Homeless says shelters help with the count, but surveying those who are on the streets is a challenge.

“We have done a better job every year of doing the outreach piece, kind of going to them,” says Shafer. “We do not, however, count 100% of the people who are on the street because they are literally all over the county and we don’t have volunteers that can go all over the county.”

Shafer says they are required to do the point-in-time survey every two years by the federal government, but they do the count every year.

Last year, she says they counted 15-hundred homeless Louisvillians in one night.