New Report Shows Inefficiencies in 2003 Merger

An outside consulting firm made recommendations to Louisville’s Merger 2.0 Task Force subcommittee on data and communications on Thursday, and some of the recommendations have been controversial in the county. The subcommittee reviewed the report from Public Works, LLC. Public Works, which was paid through a $30,000 grant to complete 100 hours research for Metro […]

Fire and EMS Continue to Look for Common Ground in Subcommittee

Louisville’s Merger 2.0 Task Force subcommittee on fire and EMS met on Tuesday. As the Oct. 1 deadline for recommendations nears, the two departments are struggling to find common ground. The subcommittee meeting was at times contentious. Fire and EMS have different opinions on how to proceed with the conversation about possible changes to either […]

Merger 2.0 Task Force Meets for Progress Reports

The Louisville Merger 2.0 Task Force met in full on Friday. It brought together the five subcommittees for progress reports. The task force was formed in January to review the 2003 merger between county and city governments. The public safety and data and communications subcommittees reported a good response from public surveys that were sent […]