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Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital Works to Prevent Future Flood Damage

A one-year project is underway at Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital to avoid a shutdown in the event of another flood. During the August 4 disaster, some 200 patients had to be moved to other hospitals and some parts of the facility were closed for a month because of damage to the its infrastructure.

Vice-President of Facilities, Development and Engineering Steve French says the building was rendered useless in some areas because equipment like boilers and generators were damaged.

“So we’re relocating some services and equipment to a plant on the outside of the building and we’re going to elevate that plant so that should that water from Mill Creek rise again, it should not have this effect on the hospital,” says French.

He says they don’t yet have a firm cost on the project. Officials are hoping to pay for it with a combination of insurance money, FEMA aid and energy grants.

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Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Expected to Fully Re-Open This Week

A south Louisville hospital that was severely damaged in the August fourth flash flood is expected to be fully operational tomorrow.

Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital had to move some 200 patients to other Louisville hospitals when the facility sustained severe damage in the flood. Almost all the hospital’s departments are back up and running. Hospital President and CEO Tom Gessel says the primary problem has been the electrical system, especially in the inpatient surgery area.

“As you can image, it’s a high-utilization area for power,” says Gessel. “A lot of high-tech equipment, a lot of very complicated equipment we use there, so we wanted to make sure we had adequate power-supply for that.”

During the recovery, most of the hospital’s scheduled surgeries were moved to Jewish Hospital. The emergency room at Sts. Mary and Elizabeth reopened on August 12th.

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Sts. Mary And Elizabeth Reopens 53 Beds

Officials at Saints Mary and Elizabeth Hospital say 53 beds have been reopened on the third floor of the flood-damaged south Louisville facility.

Dozens of patients were evacuated when the 331-bed hospital took on water two weeks ago.               Flood8  

The hospital’s emergency department, laboratory, radiology department and many outpatient services re-opened last week.

Officials say contractors remain at work at the hospital, working to replace a damage boiler and restore power throughout the complex.     

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ER, Other Departments Reopening At Sts. Mary and Elizabeth

The emergency department at Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital in south Louisville will re-open  Wednesday morning (August 12) at 8:00.

The hospital’s lab and radiology departments will also be back in service at the same time.

Much of the hospital was shut down a week ago when the facility took on floodwater, forcing the evacuation of dozens of patients.

Already back in operation at the hospital are the Women’s Center, Sleep Center, Wound Healing Center, Frazier Rehab facility, Diabetes Education Center, physicians’ offices and the outpatient surgery center.

Officials say cleanup continues to prepare the rest of the hospital for re-opening.


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Monday Evening Flood Recovery Update

Norton Hospital said its downtown emergency department, damaged by last week’s heavy rains and flooding, would re-open at 7:00pm Monday, August 10.

Much of Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital in south Louisville remains closed due to flood damage. Officials are hoping to re-open the emergency and radiology departments this week.

The U.S. Postal Service says about 1,100 pieces of mail were destroyed last week when more than a dozen collection boxes were submerged by flood water. The include one box at 3rd and York Streets, one box at 7th and York, two boxes at the Beechmont Post Office on West Woodlawn Avenue and 12 boxes on Main Street between 3rd and 9th streets.

Louisville Metro Government officials say damage assessment from the flood continues. A dollar figure could be reached this week.

Debris drop-off sites remain open at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, the Morris-Forman Treatment Plant and at 18th and Broadway. The sites are now accepting flood-damaged hazardous household materials.

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Some Services Back At Sts. Mary and Elizabeth

Some services are resuming at flood-ravaged Saints Mary and Elizabeth Hospital in south

Officials say the hospital’s Sleep Center, Wound Healing Center and Frazier Rehab facility are back open, and the outpatient surgery center is scheduled to re-open on Monday.

Dozens of patients were evacuated to other hospitals on Tuesday when Saints Mary and Elizabeth was overtaken by flood waters.

Hospital President and CEO Tom Gessell says the next goal is to have the emergency department up and running, as well as the laboratory and radiology department.

Here’s a portion of a press release from the hospital that contains some new phone numbers for information:

Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital (SMEH) officials are optimistic about opening additional services at the hospital for the more than 177,000 people in south Louisville. As damages are assessed, the facility has been able to open some services. A phone number has been established where community members can call for updates as they become available – 502-407-3069.

Now open:

Sleep Center 502-554-3537 (temporary number)

Wound Healing Center 502-439-7275 (temporary number)

Frazier Rehab Institute at SMEH 502-439-9585 (temporary number)

Opening on Monday, August 11:

SMEH Surgery Center (outpatient surgery) 502-366-9525

Diabetes Education Center at SMEH Plaza I, Suite 202B.

Classes are as follows:

Mondays from 5-7:30 p.m.

Tuesdays from 9-11:30 a.m.

“Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital has been providing health care to the community for more than 130 years for the residents of south Louisville,” said Tom Gessel, president and CEO. “We have survived a flood before and will do so again. Our team is working around the clock to open all services in the hospital. Our immediate goal is to have the emergency department up and running soon. We have the second busiest emergency department in the city. The laboratory and radiology also provide support to this department, and are a priority as well.”