WV Plant Win $334M to Ramp Up CO2 Capture

by kespeland on December 4, 2009

American Electric Power’s Mountaineer plant in New Haven, West Virginia, on the Ohio River, is currently capturing and storing a tiny fraction–about 100,000 tons–of the carbon dioxide its 1300 megawatt plant produces, just to work the kinks out of the technology. A new $334 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Energy will help the plant capture one point five million tons of the greenhouse gas, which it will store more than a mile underground. The funding comes from the DOE’s “Clean Coal Initiative,” and two other projects in Alabama and Texas will receive part of the $3 billion dollar pot.
(Note: See our previous story about Mountaineer’s carbon capture and storage project here.)

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Carbon Capture Tech Makes Progress, But Enough?

by kespeland November 3, 2009

Today (TUESDAY), the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works held a mark-up session on the Senate climate change bill. Its passage is still uncertain at the moment, but one provision aims to establish widespread, commercial-scale carbon dioxide capture and storage from coal-fired power plants. The technology isn’t entirely out of the laboratory yet, but researchers and industry partners in the Ohio River Valley are working to get it there—regardless of what happens on Capitol Hill. WFPL’s Kristin Espeland Gourlay has the second of our two-part series.

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World's First Carbon Capture & Storage, On the Ohio

by kespeland November 2, 2009

The U.S. Senate has begun hearings on its version of a climate change bill, the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act. If passed, it could require a 65 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions—namely carbon dioxide–from the nation’s existing coal-fired power plants by the year 2020. Some high profile lobbying groups are fighting the bill, but some of the biggest emitters aren’t. In the first of this two-part series on carbon capture and storage, we visit an Ohio River Valley power plant that’s flipped the switch on a world first.

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Underground Storage Tanks Pose Groundwater Threat

by kespeland July 28, 2009

Some pollution you can smell or see: the fumes from a diesel-powered truck, a slick of oil on the Ohio River. Some sources are less noticeable but just as insidious. As WFPL’s Kristin Espeland reports, underground petroleum storage tanks are getting renewed attention with an influx of federal stimulus funds.

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Carbon Storage Testing Begins in Hancock Co.

by kespeland April 27, 2009

Drilling has begun in western Kentucky on a new well that will test the feasibility of storing carbon dioxide deep underground.  It’s still no sure-fire way to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

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Hawkins Vows To Continue Fighting Police Storage

by Gabe Bullard October 9, 2008

A measure to block funding for a proposed police storage facility in south Louisville has failed.

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