Financial help is available for unemployed Kentuckians having difficulty meeting their mortgages.

Kentucky is one of 18 states receiving federal stimulus money from the U.S. Treasury’s Hardest Hit Fund. Kentucky’s share is $149 million dollars. Richard McQuady of the Kentucky Housing Corporation says homeowners can receive up to $20,000 or 12 months of assistance, whichever occurs first. [click to continue…]

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First Foreclosed Home Renovated By HUD Sold

by Sheila Ash March 2, 2011

The stimulus money came through the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Neighborhood Stabilization program. Mayor Greg Fischer says the house is one of several abandoned or foreclosed homes in the city to receive a makeover using federal dollars.

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Center On Education Policy Says Race To The Top Reforms Will Take Time To Show Results

by Gabe Bullard February 17, 2011

Over the last two years, many states changed their education policies to better compete for federal stimulus dollars through the Race to the Top program. The Center on Education Policy says many states have been slow to improve school assessments, though education standards have been raised in many states.

But without stimulus dollars to apply for, CEP president Jack Jennings says lawmakers may give up on education reform. That, he says, would be a mistake.

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Fischer Says New Federal Grants May Be Limited For Cities

by Gabe Bullard January 21, 2011

Fischer and several other mayors met with President Barack Obama Friday. And Fischer says there wasn’t much talk of further government spending for cities.

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Fischer Applauds Green Programs Though Funding May Soon Be Scarce

by Gabe Bullard January 18, 2011

Louisville Metro Government officials gathered in Newburg Tuesday to celebrate new environmentally-friendly projects in Louisville. Mayor Greg Fischer says he plans to focus on sustainability with all new city projects, but that could be a financially difficult task.

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Grocery Store Coming To Park DuValle

by Gabe Bullard November 23, 2010

Local and federal officials Tuesday broke ground on a new grocery store for the Park DuValle housing development southwest of downtown. The project was funded largely through federal stimulus and housing funds.

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Jackson Woods Renovations Underway

by Gabe Bullard August 30, 2010

An affordable-housing development in Louisville’s Shelby Park and Smoketown neighborhoods is being renovated with help from private donors and the federal stimulus package.

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Stimulus-Funded Road And Sidewalk Projects To Continue Through October

by Gabe Bullard August 16, 2010

$8.5 million in federal stimulus funds is being put to use in Louisville repairing streets and sidewalks. And the projects are changing the way local funds are spent.

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Unclaimed Appliance Rebate Money Available Again

by Gabe Bullard July 15, 2010

Kentucky’s rebate program for energy efficient appliances enticed thousands of people to purchase new appliances, but thousands of Kentuckians never claimed their rebates.

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Vice President Biden To Visit Appliance Park, Southern Indiana

by Gabe Bullard June 28, 2010

Biden will visit GE’s Appliance Park, where stimulus dollars are funding the manufacture of energy-efficient appliances. Yarmuth says he thinks the visit will help generate positive public opinion of the stimulus package.

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