State Senator Walter Blevins

A national progressive organization that’s pressuring Democrats to drop their memberships in a conservative nonprofit is now operating in Kentucky.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee has spearheaded several national campaigns, like the push to recall Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker and with Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren’s U.S. Senate bid.

The group is also encouraging lawmakers to leave the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC. ALEC helps draft and pass state legislation, and the group has come under fire recently for its involvement in Florida’s controversial “Stand your ground” law.

The PCCC has been working for months to encourage lawmakers in other states to drop their ALEC memberships. Now, PCCC state director James Ploeser says the group is focusing on three Kentucky Democrats: Gerald Neal, Walter Blevins and Kathy Stein. [click to continue…]

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State Senator Walter Blevins Retires in the Wake of Redistricting

by Kenny Colston January 31, 2012

Redistricting in the Kentucky Senate has claimed another Democrat: Walter Blevins. The outspoken but soft-spoken senator will not seek re-election in the district he’s been drawn into with Republican Senator Robert Stivers. “This is my 31st year,” Blevins says. “It’s just time to try something different. Look at my options, see what I’ve got. Of course […]

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