PSE Compromise Passes Committee, Could See Senate Floor Action Today

A supposed compromise on a bill aimed at cracking down on meth production in Kentucky is once again making its way through the state Senate. The bill passed committee quickly this morning. The bill’s sponsor, Senator Robert Stivers, says the bill could be voted on the Senate floor as soon as this afternoon. The compromise […]

Stivers Says He’s Considering Compromises on Anti-Meth Bill

A Senate bill that would have made pseudoephedrine available by prescription only has surprisingly been killed by its sponsor. State Senator Robert Stivers withdrew Senate Bill 50 Thursday, to the objection of several of his colleagues. Pseudoephedrine, or PSE, is a key ingredient in both over-the-counter cold medicines and meth. The bill was meant to […]

PSE Bill Narrowly Clears Committee

A bill that would make pseudoephedrine available only by prescription in Kentucky has cleared its first legislative hurdle. PSE is commonly found in cold medicines and is also used to make meth. The Senate Judiciary Committee heard another hour of testimony on the issue from law enforcement officers and former meth addicts today before passing […]

Congressional Filing Deadline Likely to Be Moved Again

Kentucky lawmakers are struggling to finalize new Congressional districts. Both chambers approved new maps of the districts last month and have been in a conference committee for weeks to work out the differences. Last week, legislative leaders thought they were close to an agreement that would leave the maps relatively unchanged, but no compromise was […]

Lawmakers Remain ‘Far Apart’ on New Congressional Map

Kentucky’s congressional delegation will have to wait a little longer to find out who exactly they’ll represent this year. Legislative leaders are trying to work out a compromise on new congressional redistricting maps, having already passed maps of their own districts and their own versions of the congressional map. The congressional map is currently in […]

Republican Senator Calls Out Peers Over Pseudoephedrine Bill

A push to crack down on drug abuse in Kentucky’ has re-opened old disputes in the state Senate. Governor Steve Beshear has promised to propose comprehensive anti-drug legislation this session. One Republican senator, Robert Stivers of Manchester, says he agrees with the governor’s plan, but wants to add one provision. Stivers wants a bill that would make […]