Kentucky Smoking Ban Bill Expected to Pass Committee on Tuesday

After being delayed twice, a House committee is prepared to finally vote on a bill that would establish a statewide smoking ban in Kentucky. The House Health and Welfare committee has been plagued by absences. Without a quorum, it could not vote on the smoking ban bill. But Chairman Tom Burch says he’ll get his […]

Lack of Vote on Bill Allowing Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients Leads to GOP Boycott

A bill that would allow random drug testing of welfare recipients was the subject of legislative boycotts and hearings today. House Bill 26 is sponsored by Republican representative Lonnie Napier, who says the bill does not unfairly target anyone and would help rid drug abuse from those who benefit from government programs. The bill was […]

House Committee Jousts Over Bill to Drug Test Welfare Recipients

A bill that would allow for drug testing of adult Kentuckians who receive public assistance will receive a hearing this week, but the legislation’s sponsor and committee chairman are jousting over the proposal. The bill would set up random blood and urine testing for those who get welfare benefits, food stamps, Medicaid and other state […]