Congressional Candidate Todd Lally

In the Third District Congressional race, the poll numbers are mixed and don’t seem helpful: September’s Courier-Journal/WHAS11 Bluegrass poll found 45% of likely voters would cast their ballots for Todd Lally, 47% for incumbent John Yarmuth, percent. More recently, a CN2 Politics poll showed Yarmuth leading 53% to Lally’s 30%, and each side has now launched their first television ads. Whether you’ve already made up your mind or are still doing your research, join us this Thursday when Candidate Todd Lally talks about his platform and takes your questions.  Listen to the Show

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Have you been wondering if those old knick knacks in Grandma’s attic are worth any money? Or maybe you’ve always loved the look of antique furniture but you aren’t sure how to go about acquiring some and what is a fair price? You’re in luck – on Wednesday we’ll hear from local antiques gurus about what’s new with things that are really, really old. Join us with your questions!  Listen to the Show

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Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children

Nationwide, Kentucky consistently ranks in the bottom ten in measures of education and health, safety and economic well-being. The Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children, a comprehensive six-year plan to improve child well-being in Kentucky, seeks to understand why, and what to do about it. We’ll learn about the Blueprint, the organizations that work on it, and what the next legislative steps could be to bring it into action. Join us as we broadcast live from the 2010 Step Up for Kids Conference in Louisville.  Listen to the Show

Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle cell disease is an inherited blood disorder that affects the shape of red blood cells, making it harder for them to pass throughout the blood vessels. It mostly affects people of Sub-Saharan African descent (in fact 1 in 500 African-American babies are born with SCA), shortens life expectancy and causes symptoms like shotness of breath, dizziness, coldness, and sudden pain throughout the body. There’s no cure, but promising research in symptom management is underway – some right in our own back yard. Join us on Monday to learn more.  Listen to the Show

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Mayoral Candidate Jackie Green

Jackie Green, independent candidate for Louisville Metro Mayor hasn’t been invited to as many debates his major-party competitors have. But while his platform might not have had as much exposure, but he has a lot to say about education, health, the local economy and especially transportation. And while his poll numbers are small, his campaign isn’t frivolous; his website frankly says, “our objective is to occupy the office.” This Thursday, in the first of our candidate shows leading up to Election Day, Jackie Green joins us for an hour to talk about his vision for Louisville and to take your calls and emails.  Listen to the Show

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The experience is so universal that we colloquially call any problem or difficult situation a “headache.” We’ve all had them, and Monday we’ll learn more about these cranial crises, including the various types of headaches, the difference between a headache and a migraine, and when to call your doctor. Hopefully, we’ll also learn how to make headaches shorter and less frequent. So take two of these, and call us in the afternoon!

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State of the News

It’s Friday, and that means time to wrap up another week with State of the News. This week we’ll talk about the latest in the possible execution of death row inmate Gregory Wilson, whose execution has been postponed for now. We’ll find out what could be next in that case, then check in on Metro and election news. Then we’ll finish out the show with a look at child-related news – including the JCPS assignment plan controversy. Join us for a look back at the stories that made headlines and analysis from the reporters who covered them.

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Girl World: Queen Bees & Wannabes

In many ways, the life of a teenage girl is all about relationships: with parents, friends, romantic interests, teachers, and even enemies. In her book “Queen Bees & Wannabes,” author Rosalind Wiseman offers guidance for parents trying to help their teenage girls negotiate things like cliques, gossip and bullying. She also explores the social roles girls assume, and how their pre-adolescent experiences affect their teen years and future relationships. Join us this Thursday when we talk about the new realities of girl world.  Listen to the Show

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Prisoner of the Taliban

In February of 2008, acclaimed journalist Jere Van Dyk was ambushed and taken captive by the Taliban in a remote area on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The harrowing ordeal lasted some 45 days, with the prospect of a quick and violent death ever-present. Van Dyk joins us Wednesday on State of Affairs to share his story, and his broad knowledge of the Taliban, as detailed in his book, “Captive: My Time as a Prisoner of the Taliban.”  Listen to the Show

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Henry Clay: The Essential American

To most of us living in Kentucky, Henry Clay is a familiar name. He served as Speaker of the House, Senator, and Secretary of State, although his presidential campaigns were unsuccessful. Efforts to smooth over the Nullification Crisis and broker agreements about slavery resulted in his nickname, The Great Compromiser. In their new book, authors Jeanne and David Heidler shed light on Clay’s duality; was he a status-seeking sellout, or a sincere statesman who really meant it when he said he’d rather be right than president? Join us for an hour on Henry Clay, then decide.  Listen to the Show

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