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Kentucky Personnel Secretary Nikki Jackson says the state’s first furlough day earlier this month went smoothly. She says it was equitable and transparent and all effort was made to minimize the impact to the public. Jackson told the House and Senate budget committees she’s heard no grumbling.

“Two of the agencies in particular – Cabinet for Health and Family services, and the Justice Cabinet – shared with me that they hadn’t received any comments from employees over that weekend,” she says. “There were actually a few employees who were sharing stories about what they were doing over that weekend and how some of them were just trying their best to take advantage of the time with their families and friends.”

September 3rd was the first of six furlough days state employees are taking this fiscal year to help reduce a 131-million dollar budget deficit. Gov. Beshear sought approval of the furloughs from the General Assembly, which granted his request in the May special session on the budget.

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Hearing Today On Furlough Suit

by tcveigh August 16, 2010

In a May special session, Kentucky lawmakers gave Gov. Beshear the green light to furlough state workers to help balance the budget. Soon thereafter, Beshear ordered both merit and non-merit employees to take six furlough days this fiscal year to save the state $24 million.

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"Arts Day" is Wednesday in Frankfort

by ekramer February 10, 2009

Arts advocates will meet in Frankfort Wednesday to make their case for public support. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more. A group called Arts Kentucky is hosting what has become an annual event with a rally in the Capitol Rotunda and meetings between arts leaders, patrons and legislators. Jay Dick of the national non-profit organization Americans […]

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Daniels Says Federal Rescue Plan "Beat Doing Nothing"

by Rick Howlett October 6, 2008

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels says he believes the federal goverment made the best of a bad situation by attempting to rescue the nation’s financial sector with the $700 billion package approved by Congress last week. Daniels, who led the White House Office of Management and Budget during President Bush’s first term, says it will take […]

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